Frequently Asked Questions

What to do…


…if you are in the hospital, or become home-bound due to illness.

When a parishioner enters one of the area hospitals they must specify that they are a Catholic and a member of our church.  Please call the parish office at 847-888-2828 and let us know.  We can arrange for Holy Communion to be brought to you, or for Father to visit and perform the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.  Our compassionate ministers are glad to bring communion to the home-bound as well!

When you are a family member become seriously ill please call us to put the person’s name on the prayer list.

For the Anointing of the Sick please call the parish office or the rectory, after office hours.  This sacrament is available for a person who is seriously ill and/or preparing for surgery.  The parish office number is (847) 888-2828 and the rectory phone number is (847) 888-0502.


…if you are making funeral arrangements.

This is usually done through the funeral home.  They will contact the parish office or the rectory to set the time for the funeral liturgy.   The family will need to contact the parish office to plan the Funeral Mass.  The parish office number is (847) 888-2828. *Please note that the Church preference is for a Funeral Mass at Church with the deceased’s body.  Please contact the Pastor before you make other arrangements.


…if you wish to have your child baptized.

Baptisms take place on the second Sunday of each month at 10 am.  The parents need to meet with one of the priests and attend a baptism class prior to the baptism.  Baptism class meets the first Sunday of each month at Noon in Binsfeld Hall. For further information call the parish office at (847) 888-2828.


…if you wish to enroll your child in the Religious Education program.

Call the Religious Education office at (847) 888-2718.  Children are prepared for First Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.  Classes for grades preschool – 8 are held on Sunday morning at 10 am or grades 1 – 8 on Tuesday evening at 5:45 pm.  The classes meet from September – May.


…if you are interested in sending your child to our school.

The school has 4-year old Preschool, a full day kindergarten and grades 1-8.  An after-school program is available.  For more information call (847) 695-6609.


…if you wish to be married.

Please call the parish office at least 9 months in advance of the wedding date.  The bride and/or groom must be registered parishioners.